About Us

IBL News provides breaking news and insights about education and innovation. Our mission is to accurately report and inspire new forms of digital education. (IBL stands for innovation-based learning).

In gathering, reporting, and interpreting information, we abide by the ethical standards of free journalism. We don’t have any affiliate partnerships or aren’t compensated by course and tech providers, and business organizations.

As a news agency, IBL News distributes its news stories under a Creative Commons license and operates as an educational non-profit initiative.

The IBL News service was founded by media & tech entrepreneur, educator, best-selling author, and award-winning journalist Mikel Amigot in 1998 in Madrid, Spain, as a media outlet to report on the digital revolution. The Spanish edition has been functioning daily without interruption since February 1998.

The IBL News U.S. Edition, headquartered in New York City, was created in 2014 to report on educational stories and insights.

This news service is managed by Eduardo Corrales, Zoe Mackay, John G. Paul, Henry Kronk, Mari Carmen Voces, Freddy Alarcon, Javier Ordonez, and Mikel Amigot. Additionally, an extensive network of well-experienced freelance journalists collaborates with IBL News. David Calzada is the Chief Technology Officer.

Studio production services, including video courses and documentaries, along with advertising are our revenue services.

Please contact us if you want to advertise, be part of our newsroom, or want to share a story (off-the-record or not).